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"Living Postcards" is a personal blog about the things i like in Greece,the things that i want to share with you.

I love this country.A lot. And i dont see it with the eyes of a typical old fashioned tourist,who bought postcards once from a trip to Greece. Mine are real. They are breathing, scents, pictures, words, feelings, people. They come alive every time i look around.
Boutique hotels that i want to spend time in there.Artists that make me think, smile, reconsider things, change. Painters, photographers, modern galleries, because "art is life" and life is art also..


New fashion and jewellery designers that makes us proud here and abroad. They give a new definition to "chic and greek". Local products, mediterranean taste, high class restaurants where you can have fun eating, and socializing.After all "food is pleasure".cosmetics from alternative brands with quality products, respecting mother nature. Because we all need "pure beauty".
New mucisians,that make the difference. More than the typical sound of Greece. "More than bouzouki".
All these people are the proof that when you really love something, you fight for it. You cant hold back, you move on, no matter what you ve been told,no matter all the negative scenarios and tough reality, you have to try and make your dreams come true.
The new Greeks are not afraid to be compared to their ancestors. They respect their inheritance, but they live "here and now", with a global open mindness.
I am Iliada Evaggelia Kothra, born in Athens,in the divine area of Plaka. I have studied marketing, advertisement, public relations and acting in Athens. I am occupied as wholesale manager in the biggest swimwear-underwear company in Greece, a job i love madly.
Join me in this trip. Its full of joy and a strong belief for a better tomorrow. I hope you will enjoy it as i do.

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